Treating Allergies with Traditional Chinese Medicine

ORA Team - May 13, 2020

Allergies are no match for acupuncture and herbs! The earlier you start acupuncture and take the proper Chinese herbs—the more likely you are to avoid the classic symptoms (hello, itchy eyes and runny nose) which can wreak havoc on your body and immune system. Here’s everything you need to know.


Your kidneys benefit from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Chinese medicine strengthens your lung, kidney, and spleen energy. Your kidneys are the source of the body’s root energy—providing you with your “Jing” or essence and libido. When your kidneys are weak and you’re feeling depleted from illness, poor diet, lack of sleep, or stress—it affects your entire body.


A strong Wei Qi = a healthy you.

When you’re healthy and your “Wei Qi” (protective energy) encounters an allergen, it activates the immune system to fight them off. When many allergens enter your system, the body gets overwhelmed—causing allergic rhinitis. A strong Wei Qi means your body is able to fight off pathogens—protecting you from allergens like pollen, mold, and dust. 


Acupuncture preps your system for allergy season.

Don’t wait for allergy season to start! If you start acupuncture treatments and take Chinese herbs ahead of time, your system will be strong and prepped to fight. 


The lungs are the key to your Wei Qi. 

When your lungs are weak, your Wei Qi is weak. This leaves you more vulnerable to allergens and foreign pathogens. If allergens have penetrated your spleen—your Qi will be even weaker and your body will create phlegm or mucous. Pro Tip: Stay away from sugar, fried foods and dairy to keep your spleen Qi strong. 


Western allergy medications aren’t the best solution.
While they are helpful, they only relieve the symptoms of allergies temporarily—and come with multiple side effects like drowsiness, emotional issues, decrease in immune system function, dizziness and headaches. This inhibits the body’s natural immune response. The goal of Chinese medicine is to prevent allergies before they occur.

Our favorite acupuncture points for allergies.

They include: Large Intestine 20, Bi-Tong, Large Intestine 4 and Yin Tang. Each one helps to open up the sinuses, disperse pathogens, and open nasal passages. We can also combine acupuncture with two herbal formulas: Pe Min Kan Wan and Bi Yan Pian. The combination of acupuncture and these herbs opens up the sinuses and strengthens the system. We like to get my patients who suffer from allergies on this protocol in early February to achieve the best results. 

You can also activate these points using acupressure! For more acupressure points, check out #ORAfromhome.