Janelle Belgrave, L.Ac

Janelle Belgrave, L.Ac

Janelle received her Masters in Science from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2012, and has since successfully treated thousands of acupuncture cases, ranging from insomnia, depression, and pain syndromes, to autoimmune and gynecological disorders and pre- and post-natal care. She also has five plus years of community acupuncture experience.

Originally a student of astrology, she was drawn to acupuncture on realizing that the two shared a core philosophy: theidea that humanity and one’s well-being is reflected within the heavens and the earth, and that whenwe live in harmony between the two, we find true balance.  She encourages her clients to cook their food, as raw food can slow down the digestive system and impede one’s ability to send nutrients through the body; warm foods will keep the digestive fire hot and active.

During her free time, Janelle enjoys dancing and singing, taking care of her plants, spending time in nature, reading and writing fiction, and practicing yoga.


  • Syracuse University - B.S.- Child and Family Studies
  • New York State Licensed Acupuncturist from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
  • MSTOM Masters of Science, TraditionalChinese Medicine