COVID-19 Safety Protocol

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Say hello to more mellow. Plus new protocols for sanitary safety. 


Dear ORA Community,

Balance is a benefit many of us need now more than ever, and we are thrilled to announce that ORA will reopen our doors on June 23rdORA has always prioritized your health, safety, and experience, but now, as you reintegrate the practice of acupuncture into your routine, here’s what to expect of your next visit.



Upon arrival, we will administer touch-less temperature checks to ensure you’re symptom-free. We’ll continue paperless transactions. All guests will check-in and check-out using the ORA App. In addition: 

  • Acupuncturists and guests are required to wear a mask at all times. 
  • Acupuncturists will be wearing Nitrile gloves and booties for additional precaution. 
  • Our hours of operation will be limited to ensure the safety of ORA staff and guests. 

ORA has 6 private treatment rooms. During our reopening phase we will be limiting the number of guests we have in our space in order to maximize social distance. Please check our appointment schedule to see up-to-date availability.




In an effort to continuously uphold the highest cleaning & sanitization standards, we’re integrating additional courses of action to ensure your well-being. In addition to our daily deep clean, we’re introducing:

  • An intensive cleaning regimen in-between guests 
  • A new custom essential oil with immunity-boosting ingredients 
  • Premium air filtration system




Our space holds 6 private treatment rooms which we will be reserved at limited capacity. Common areas will be closed for precaution, and guests will be able to occupy their private room for 90 minutes, including wait time, treatment, and check-out. Guests also have the option to virtually connect with their acupuncturist prior to day-of treatment if they prefer to minimize in-person communication. And of course, all sheets, towels, and sarongs will be turned with each guest.




While our tea & tonic bar will remain closed, we have pre-packaged tonic bottles available for takeaway and the option to purchase retail.




In the event you’re not feeling well or prefer to heal from home, book a Virtual Session to take the pressure off. A reminder to all of our clients: you’ll experience the benefits of acupuncture when you make it a practice, and we’re here to accommodate you as best we can.



To all doctors, nurses, and medical personnel, thank you for your hard work and relentless dedication. At ORA, we always say, “Remember to pause,” and you are so deserving of that.