E-Stim: The Electric Extra Here to Help You Heal

Here at ORA, we combine ancient Chinese medicine with a more modern experience. And, with that, we keep a pulse on emerging and innovative modalities that can help us harness our vital energy (or “Qi”). That’s why we’re excited to introduce our all-new acupuncture add-on called E-Stim. 

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E-Stim uses electrical current to stimulate blood and Qi flow. This method uses small wired clips to attach the acupuncture needles to one another, as well as the stimulation machine, to allow electrical currents to pass between the needles. The treatment itself is a very mild sensation that feels like a small twitch as the acupuncture needles send currents to nearby muscles. This add-on has a whole host of holistic healing benefits.


Encourage Your Blood & Qi Flow

By supporting your blood and Qi flow, E-Stim can help your mind and body work to their fullest potential. Qi is the foundation of health and healing in Chinese medicine. It’s the vital energy that’s flowing through your system, and E-Stim can help remove any blockages while regulating blood flow. A healthy blood flow is essential for the prevention and treatment of disease. 


Treat Your Muscles

While reducing muscle spasms and treating tight or sore muscles, E-Stim builds strength in nearby tissues. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or just getting back in the gym, E-Stim can help you hit your fitness goals and optimize your body.


Ease Early Pregnancy Morning Sickness

If you’re expecting, E-Stim is a safe way to support your early days of pregnancy. Research shows that applying E-Stim to the acupuncture point PC6 (near the palm-side of your wrist) can help reduce symptoms of nausea and vomiting, especially in pregnant women. 


Support Your Mind

Remember that Qi we mentioned? Well, that Qi can also affect your mood. Microcurrent stimulation studies show that E-Stim can be used to treat depression and support a more positive mood.


Want to supercharge your next acupuncture session? You can book E-Stim as an add-on to your regular treatment for a more targeted and holistic experience.