Find Your Zen: The Mental & Physical Benefits of our Bath Salts

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While a shower might be a part of your regular day-to-day routine, a bath is a complete mind, body, and soul wellness practice that is often overlooked. Showers might clean the body, but bathing comes with many benefits, like combating all sorts of symptoms and offering a plethora of vital healing properties. 


As a form of hydrotherapy, bath soaks decrease swelling, inflammation, and pain in the body while simultaneously increasing circulation to restore and heal tissue. Additionally, baths soothe and activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which is your body’s rest and digestion mechanism necessary for balanced well-being. 


You can strengthen the already present mental and physical benefits of bathtime by combining bath salts with your soak. Our newest product, ORA Bath Salts, takes advantage of bathing’s already healing properties and, through a combination of potent, handpicked ingredients, enhances your mood, supports your defenses, and quiets your mind, body, and soul for a restful, regenerative sleep. 

A total wellness soak that is invigorating and pleasant for all of your senses, our bath salts produce a soothing and 100% natural aromatherapeutic experience. Melt tension in the body and purify the skin with a Dead Sea salt blend that’s infused with mood-enhancing ylang-ylang, stress-relieving siam wood, invigorating cedarwood, and energy promoting blood orange essential oil. Adding the essential oil blend to our salts enhances the healing properties as the oil and salt work synergistically. 



When you’re ready to enhance your wellness, our Bath Salts are ready to help you take your bath to a whole new level.