How Can Teens Benefit from Acupuncture

Teens can benefit from acupuncture. Studies show that acupuncture may be an effective treatment for many conditions that young adolescents face during this time of enormous change. Here are some chronic conditions teens may suffer from that we can help treat:

  • Acne- We regulate the body’s temperature by sending signals through the nervous system to support the hypothalamus’s function in order to moderate body temperature, clear excessive heat internally which contributes to acne and general inflammation.
  • ADHD- Acupuncture regulates the nervous system, therefore assisting in the ability to stay calm, relaxed, and focused. 
  • Allergies- With acupuncture, we regulate the body's immune response to allergens, transforming mucus that blocks nasal passages, and helps with itchy eyes, and sinus headaches. Acupuncture does this through stimulating the central nervous system and promoting homeostasis. 
  • Anxiety - Acupuncture sends signals to the brain to calm the nervous system and balances both the parasympathetic and sympathetic activities to help lessen the body’s fight or flight stress response. 
  • Asthma- Acupuncture can target different organ systems through connective tissue, in this case the lungs and kidneys to anchor the breath, redirect the qi flow down, making breathing easier and asthma attacks less frequent and or intense. 
  • Depression- Acupuncture promotes circulation in the body. When the body's blood and fluids are flowing with ease, it can promote energy, and the release of dopamine that is triggered through needle insertion, supports a positive mood. 
  • Eczema- We clear heat and inflammation, and reduce mental stress. These are all things that contribute to eczema flares. 
  • Hormonal + Mood Balance- Acupuncture has direct correlation with brain function, and through targeting the pineal gland, we can regulate hormones. Therefore, we are able to bring back balance which enhances and stabilizes mood. 
  • Insomnia- Acupuncture regulates the nervous system which is often involved in the disruption or inability to fall asleep. When we take the body out of the sympathetic state, or “fight or flight”, we take them out of the stressful state that may keep them awake. We also check the heart channel and other organ channels to get to the root of the issue.
  • Obesity - Acupuncture enhances metabolism, circulation, and calms mind curbing cravings. It helps the body metabolize food, increases cellular turnover, and boosts energy, all of which assists in feeling motivated and satisfied. 
  • Sports Injury- Acupuncture enhances blood and body fluid circulation which is critical in aiding the injuries healing process. 

The younger one is, the quicker the body reacts to the positive effects of acupuncture. If your teen is struggling with mental health or any physical discomfort, TCM is a gentle and effective way to get to the bottom of the issue. We take each individual into account in a holistic way, a way many young ones need during these developmental stages. This also gives teenages an early start to review lifestyle choices allowing them to have a healthier beginnings as they mature into adulthood.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), children develop into adults marked by 7 and 8 year cycles. As hormonal development begins, these physical changes require a lot of yang energy, which means robust internal activity. In order to understand yang energy, we must understand it’s codependent opposite - yin energy. 

Yin and yang theory dates back to 700 BCE. Yin and yang represent and embrace the balance of opposites as a path to health, an acceptance and surrender to the inevitable ways we age and how life unfolds. Through detailed and patient observation of nature and the natural elements from shamans, healers, doctors, and herbalists centuries ago, the basis of Chinese Medicine was formed. In TCM, nature is continuously referenced and used as a metaphor as a way to understand our internal nature, health, and disease.  

Yin is the night and yang is the day. Yin is cool and yang is hot. Yang is activity, and yin is rest. They look very different yet can’t exist without the other. During puberty there is a surge of yang within the body that can lead to uncontrolled moodiness, impulsive behaviors and tantrums, acne, excess energy, and exhaustion. Experiencing drastic physical changes while trying to find one's place in the world is challenging, and acupuncture can help not only alleviate these discomforts, but get to the root through it’s tremendous effect on regulating the nervous and hormonal systems. 

Acupuncture puts the nervous system into its parasympathetic state, which is the rest and digest response that calms us down. When the nervous system is regulated, everything starts to regulate including mood, digestive functions, and improvements in sleep. When the basic mechanics of our bodies are in good order, one can see things with more clarity and then have more agency in the choices they are making, allowing one to take a more grounded approach in the way they perceive the world and themselves in it.