How does the seasonal change impact libido?

Libido refers to our natural feel-good state, the one that catapults us into remembering who we are and inspires us to live passionately. To feel your libido is to feel the wave that passes through you that reconnects you with your most vibrant alive self. Libido isn’t only sexual health it involves allowing yourself to feel good! To be connected to your creative and personal power. Libido and sexual health have been an integral part of Chinese medicine for centuries.

Chinese medicine is a complete system, it looks at all aspects of life, personal and planetary, for clues that indicate areas of imbalance. In regards to libido, there are two main meridians/organ systems that need to be in balance, the Kidney (fear) and the Heart (joy). Keeping the flow of Qi (energy) moving freely and abundantly through the physical and energetic body is the key to expansive living with a healthy libido.

When we move from winter into spring, we are transitioning from a passive, reflective time to an expansive, energetic time. This inward energy of the winter fuels the boost of qi energy for spring. This is also evident in nature, where we see an expansive energy with flowers blooming and animals coming out of hibernation. The season of spring is governed by the liver and gallbladder which deals with fertility, conception, erections, and libido. The change brings more internal changes, movement, and more qi energy.  

In the spring, another organ system comes into play. There is an increase in liver qi in the springtime, which increases our libido! Our libido is also strong when we are in a healthy state. When our bodies are out of balance our libido along with many other aspects of our lives can feel like they are falling apart. Feeling stressed is one of the quickest ways to deplete your immune system and your libido. The intense or low-grade constant emotions that are connected with stress wear down and stagnate the Qi needed for your body to feel vibrant. The feel good inspiration can return and sometimes it is one little thing that allows everything to awaken again! 

Depending on the individual’s balance of Yin and Yang in the body, women and men will experience  fluctuations of libido differently. Yin Yang theory in medicine offers us a way of understanding the interrelated and opposing aspects of the universe. We can only understand Yin if we know Yang. The sun is Yang, the Moon is Yin. Yin is cool, Yang is warm. Yin is feminine, Yang is masculine. There is nothing that is all Yang or all Yin. Everything is on a spectrum just like winter turning into spring. In TCM, we look at everything in your life from the foods you eat to the way you sleep and the thoughts you feel and create something unique to you. Yin and Yang must exist in balance for there to be optimal health. 

The Libido Vita from Dr. Janine Mahon is a powerful elixir to support a healthy libido. Our bodies know what they need and that thought may be the perfect clue. When these specific herbs are combined in exact ratios they create a unified formula that reconnects our heart with our mind. By placing only 1-2 drops on the tips of your fingers and running them behind the ears down the side of your neck you will open the gateway. Use it anytime and as often as desired.

With the increase in qi, there needs to be movement to balance out the increase in qi energy. One may feel more agitation, frustration if the energy is stagnant. It’s important to get moving and allow the flow of energy. Exercise/dancing, diet, herbs, and mindset all offer opportunities to help find balance. 

Moving the liver qi is key to a balanced body. Any form of exercise that creates a feeling of relief and expansion will support you and allow positive feelings to resurface. Getting outdoors, hiking, doing simple stretches will stimulate the meridians that run through the body.  A few jumping jacks, going up and down a flight of stairs, or dancing to your favorite song invigorate the body. 

Herbs are prescribed by acupuncturists to help support the liver qi. Xiao Yao San is used to get us in balance by clearing liver qi stagnation and improving the energy flow. 

Eating green! Green is the color linked to the springtime and the liver. By adding leafy vegetables to your diet, this can improve the liver’s function and help with the liver qi movement. 

Chinese medicine sees the body as a web, everything is interconnected. Therefore, when you treat the liver qi organ system this helps to keep the qi flowing, preserves liver, and moves any stagnation. It’s important during this time of spring renewal to keep in balance and harmony with the new seasonal energy.