How TCM supports Insomnia, Burnout, and Stress

At this time our modern society is suffering from more anxiety, stress, and insomnia than ever before. Part of this can be due to how deeply integrated we are as human beings attached to technology.  This is something our ancestors knew nothing about, especially within the realms of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Thankfully at ORA, we equip all of our treatment rooms with a phone stowaway – so you can have a moment to yourself, your body, and peace of mind.

The most common Mental Health conditions today consist of depression, generalized anxiety,  post-trauma disorders and more. Amongst the generalized anxiety disorders (GAD)s are insomnia, restlessness, over worrying, overthinking, irritability, and stress. These conditions can be treated with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine. 


What does Traditional Chinese Medicine have to say about the various generalized anxiety disorders?


Insomnia & Restlessness
In TCM, the Heart organ is one of the major 5 Zang organs responsible for mental activity, and presents a person’s Shen 神, or Spirit. If someone exhibits restlessness, they may suffer from insomnia, or erratic behavior. This may also be commonly diagnosed as Heart Heat. Treatment principals will often recommend calming the Shen, cooling the heat, and anchoring the body. 


Pressure points: we recommend DU 20 for massage 3x a day or apply one our Ear seeds on the Shen Men point for better sleep

Healing in the Kitchen: check out our ORA IG Reel featuring medicinal herbs and foods for better sleep.


Overthinking or overworking
Both of these can often cause insomnia as well, particularly due to the overthinking function, which is firing up the Heart. Prolonged continuation of overthinking and working will eventually lead to digestive imbalance, or weakened gut health. As TCM practitioners, we can actually prove the only recently popularized brain-gut relationship: the Stomach meridian directly passes through the Heart organ. So when one is out of balance, the other will also be out of balance. 

Pressure points: Heart 7 calms the mind from overthinking and Spleen 9 helps drain the dampness that is caused by mental restlessness. \

Healing in the Kitchen: try the The Best Digest which includes a harmonizing blend of gut bacteria that enhances digestion, corrects constipation, controls bloating, and optimizes nutrient absorption and balances elimination.

Irritability & Stress

Another heat condition, stress and general anxiety can often be related to the Liver, the organ responsible for the free-flowing Qi throughout the entire body. If our liver is blocked, we will often feel impatient, worried, and easily angry. The longer we keep our Liver meridians blocked, the deeper the anger will store, which is why we always recommend proactively taking care of the body, with regular Acupuncture and body-healing treatments.

Pressure points: LIV 3 helps clear up accumulated stress that can cause temporal migraines or irritability. Apply our body magnets and massage with pressure for 15 minutes at least an hour before going to sleep. 

Healing with Teas: try our Line of Defense tea featuring Hawthorne berry, a powerful healing ingredient that directly enters the Liver meridian