ORA @ Home

Hey Hamptons. Feel better without leaving the pool chair.

You can now have our premium, personalized acupuncture treatments in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

With everything going on, we want to make sure people who left the city to quarantine safely can keep their acupuncture practice going. At ORA, we want to make sure our clients can continue their practice regardless of where they’re located. 

Starting on June 8th, ORA will be offering at-home services for those unable to come to our space in NoHo. With premium, highly customized treatments, we’re elevating acupuncture to be an efficient luxury that fits right into your wellness routine. 

Treatments also include complimentary add-ons: reflexology, cupping, and gua sha. Tonic flights available upon request. 

We know you’re dedicated to your wellness journey and we’re excited to provide a new way for us to remain a part of it. 



Our goal is to bring the relaxing escape of having a treatment in our space, to your home. To do this we are incorporating our signature touches to take you to full relaxation.

  • Because we are in your home, we are replacing the time that you would normally be left alone, with extra time with your acupuncturist. During your resting time, Amie will be performing reflexology and other manual massage techniques. If there is a period when you are left to rest, be assured that she will be by your side for peace of mind.

  • Our treatment bed will be set up with the same luxe linens you expect in our space. We will provide towels and a sarong so you don’t have to worry about what to wear.

  • We are incorporating a custom aromatherapy experience that you will choose with your acupuncturist.

  • You will have 3 music options to choose from, or your own playlist, to put you in your zen state.

Preparing your space for your session:

We want to bring the relaxing experience of ORA to your home and need your help in preparing for the service. We have all the basics, treatment table, linens, etc. Here are a few things we need you to do before we arrive:

  • Choose a relaxing, quiet space for your session. It can be inside or outdoors, and should be large enough to accommodate a standard massage table (6ft x 2.5ft).

  • Let us know if you have a massage table or even a poolside lounge chair you would like to use, we can leave ours in the car.

  • During the treatment you rest your head on a pillow, let us know if you’d like to use your own and have it ready for use when setting up.

  • Multiple treatments – If you have 2 or more treatments happening, we may perform them simultaneously.


Your and our acupuncturists safety, during this time, is top priority for us. As we move outside of our space and into your home, we are taking extra precautions to maintain a safe and sanitized treatment experience.

  • Our acupuncturists will be wearing fresh KN95 masks, as well as other PPE, for the duration of their time in your home. We ask that you and those in your home also wear a mask when interacting with your acupuncturist, both pre and post treatment. We have fresh masks available for your use.

  •  A touch-less temperature check will be performed upon our arrival on both you and the acupuncturist. At this time we are not treating unwell guests. If your temperature is elevated or you are feeling unwell the day of your appointment, we will happily reschedule or cancel your appointment without penalty.

  • Our check-in and check-out process is completely touch free. As always, we are cash free.

  • All equipment that we are bringing into your home has been cleaned and sanitized with a medical grade cleanser.

  • All linens are transported in airtight bags to ensure freshness at your space.


$350 for one client. Includes cupping, gua sha, and reflexology. $250 for second client and $150 for each additional client after.
E.g.- A party of 3 costs $750.


Email hamptons@oraspace.com to book yours!


More questions?

We’re here for you. DM us with any questions and follow along @oraspace.