ORA’s Holiday Guide

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The perfect gift for everyone on your list.

ORA is here for the healing this holiday season. Our experts have curated a few gift sets for you to add to your secret stash. Designed to boost immunity, relieve stress, promote balance, and easily prioritize wellness on the go, our Holiday Sets are the perfect treat to gift to your loved ones or keep for yourself. Let’s see what we’ve rounded out!

For the wellness guru or the mom-to-be

The ORA Ritual

ORA by CAMPO essential oil, roll-on, and diffuser

ORA by CAMPO essential oil, roll-on, and diffuser


  1. ORA Essential Oil Blend
  2. ORA Roll-On
  3. Diffuser 

The holidays mean “me” time, and in 2020, “me” time is chi time. With our ORA Ritual set, you can gift balance in a box and a bow, bringing a sense of peace to anyone in your life in need of some calm, yourself included. Complete with a ceramic diffuser, our ORA essential oil blend, and ORA roll-on, it’s the perfect trio for everyday wellness at the busiest time of the year. 

Why we love it: The ORA Ritual is my favorite way to relax and set the mood in my space. The ORA x Campo aromatherapy scent is not only a unique and beautiful blend, but the benefits of each note put me at ease and take me back to that relaxed  feeling I have when I leave an acupuncture session. I always have the roll-on in my purse for a quick mindful moment wherever I am and I diffuse the blend all the time to keep me centered.- Isabel Vigil, ORA Team


For the friend who could use a (coffee) break

Par-Tea Favor

ORA herbal tea blend


  1. Calm & Carry On
  2. The Best Digest
  3. Line of Defense 
  4. Reusable Silicone Tea Bag

If staying in is the new going out, par-tea is the new party. This tea-time trifecta doubles as a luxurious treatment for inflammation, improved digestion, and low immune systems alike. Gift wrapped with a reusable silicone tea bag, it’s the gift that’s perfect in place of a morning cup of joe or a fireside nap cap.

Acu-approved: Our teas are an essential addition to your routine during the 2020 holiday season.  “Line of Defense” helps strengthen the immune system by balancing your Wei Chi (your protective Chi), clearing heat and reducing inflammation.  “Calm & Carry On” is perfect for dealing with the added stress of this holiday season.  It calms the spirit and helps improve the movement of your blood and Chi.  And “The Best Digest” soothes the digestive system after over-indulgence in holiday foods.  This perfect combination of teas will help you enjoy the holidays while keeping your mind and body calm and balanced. – Gabriel Sher, Head of Acupuncture

Why we love it: Even though I’ve always been a morning coffee drinker, these teas have helped me cut down on my coffee intake and I look forward to my afternoon and bedtime tea, as much as my morning coffee! I like The Best Digest to kick-off my day and get my digestion moving. And I love the reusable tea bag to make sure I can enjoy my loose leaf teas on the go.- Kim Ross, ORA Founder + CEO 

For that loved one who is always getting a cold

Winter Solstice 

Immunity gift set, good for the holidays, feel better

Winter Solstice, $50

  1. Mycoshield Immune Boosting spray
  2. ORA by CAMPO roll on
  3. Cold No More Tea
  4. Yin Qiao San
  5. Sleep Mask 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, that is unless you wind up sick. Give the gift of a healthy immune system with our Winter Solstice set. Equipped with our Cold No More tea, ORA by Campo roll-on, immune boosting spray, yin qiao, and a custom ORA sleep mask, it’s the gift set that says, “All peace, no pressure.”




This is comprehensive immunity-boosting set of time-honored and modern medicines.

MycoShield Mushroom spray combines 5 types of mushroom – Agarikon, Red Reishi, Chaga, Birch Polypore and Turkey Tail, all of which have been shown in clinical studies to have immune boosting, as well as a host of other health benefits. This blend is sprayed directly into the throat to provide a shield against pathogens in the most vulnerable of areas.
Yin Qiao San is one of the most commonly used herbal formulas in Traditional Chinese Medicine. First recorded in the 18th century, this formula utilizes the antiviral and antibacterial properties of Honeysuckle and Forsythia, along with peppermint and other herbs to treat “wind heat” – characterized mainly by a sore throat, and common cold symptoms.
Sleep is the time your body needs to truly heal itself on a deeper level. While you sleep your body produces hormones to stimulate tissue growth – repairing blood vessels, healing wounds, and restoring muscles. Also during this time, your body produces more white blood cells, allowing your immune system to attack viruses, bacteria, and other pathogenic factors. Use our soothing aromatherapy oil, along with our sleep mask to give your body the rest and restoration it needs. – Max Annis, ORA Acupuncturist

For your coworker, brother, Zoom buddy, or anyone else  who could just use some chi’ll 

December De-stress

Essential oils, tea, and wellness

Trio of wellness

  1. Line of Defense Tea
  2. ORA by CAMPO Roll-On
  3. Dr Janine Mahon Stress Relief Oil

Our December De-stress gift set gives holiday chi’ll a whole new meaning. A traditionally hectic season, the holidays tend to inevitably invite a sense of stress, but calm prevails with these essentials. Complete with our Line of Defense tea, ORA by Campo roll-on, and Dr. Janine Stress Relief oil, it’s the feel-good gift that keeps on giving. 


and the gift of wellness that anyone can enjoy…

ORA Gift Card


ORA Gift Card

ORA Gift Card


Valid for online or in-space services, virtual sessions, and retail products, it’s the gift that says, “Keep your peace of mind in mind.”

Why we love it: This is the perfect gift to give or get, especially if you have family, friends, or co-workers you won’t be seeing this year! Pro tip: I suggest one of our products from the shop (the acupressure set is my favorite) plus a virtual session. Your gift-ee will get a personalized wellness experience that leaves them feeling balanced and rejuvenated.- Emily Eitches, ORA Team