ORA With Friends

For your weekend plans: ORA With Friends

Spend time disconnecting—by connecting with friends, family, or co-workers.

Choose from fun (and healing) session options:

    • ORA in the Kitchen: Get TCM dietary recommendations curated to the specific season—and what your body needs now.
    • Beauty Fix: All things acupressure and facial massage (Guasha) for relieving tension in the face—plus youthful, glowing skin.
    • Miracle Acupressure: Finding relief for stress, migraines, allergies, body aches.
    • 7th Inning Stretch: Learn midday chest and body openers for easing “tech neck”. Great for anyone hunched over at a computer! 
    • The Pregnancy Club: For pre or post!
    • Chi’ll Time-Out: For moms who deserve time to chi’ll out + families and young children.
    • Breathe and Repeat: Tips + techniques to practice guided meditation, breathing, even aromatherapy.

. . . And more. All sessions can be customizable for your group.


For Your Virtual Happy Hour: ORA With Friends (You Work With!)

Relax and destress after a WFH week— and set up a healthy happy hour with your team. Enjoy a one hour group session with your co-workers via Zoom.



$25 per person, with a $150 max cost. (aka: anyone over 5 guests is free!). 



You can book through the ORA website or send us a DM on Instagram