Sip, Soak, Breathe

There’s so many women to celebrate when it comes to Mother’s Day, so ORA’s making it easy to celebrate them all. For your mom, your grandma, your pregnant friends, new moms, and more, we’ve curated a collection of luxury gift sets to give them all a moment of mellow. 

Sip, $33: 

For the mom who enjoys a moment of silence to herself 

Tea set includes: 

  • The Best Digest
  • Back to Center
  • Find Your Focus
  • Reusable Tea Bag

Breathe, $40: 

For the mom who loves meditation and essential oils

Essential oil set includes: 

  • ORA Blend Essential Oil
  • Breathe Blend Essential Oil 
  • Diffuser Necklace

Soak, $75: 

For the mom who relaxes with a hot bath 

Bath set includes: 

  • ORA Bath Salts 
  • ORA Sarong

Gift sets for a new mom, from a new mom

Curated by ORA founder and CEO, Kim Ross and ORA’s TCM specialist, Jen Sun, the following gift sets were created for new moms navigating the first forty days of postpartum, or what we call the fourth trimester. 

Nurture, $120: 

For a soon-to-be mom

Set includes: 

  • First 40 Days Book: The Emotional Art of Nourishing the New Mother

“I read this in my 3rd trimester and felt comforted and prepared for postpartum.” – Kim  

  • 2 Jen Sun Herb Packets: Digestion + Monthly Blend
  • A 45-minute Virtual session with Jen

“We use TCM tongue diagnosis and a series of general health questions to assess your body’s current ecosystem to identify any signs of imbalance or opportunities to incorporate TCM to support your current lifestyle. Together, we create a ritual that offers a personalized approach to functional food therapy, acupressure techniques for relaxation at home, and any alternative lifestyle adjustments to nourish and restore your yin-yang balance.” – Jen

  • ORA Roll-On 

“So calming throughout time in hospital and those weeks leading up to labor where anxiety was all time high!” – Kim

Rejuvenate, $260: 

For a new mom 

Set includes: 

  • First 40 Days Book: The Emotional Art of Nourishing the New Mother
  • 2 Jen Sun Herb Packets: Digestion + Monthly Blend

“After giving birth, there is often a great loss of blood, which can cause fatigue, low energy, low moods, and Qi deficiency. This herbal blend is most suitable to help women stimulate blood production and blood circulation, which will help restore blood and increase Qi levels to meet the new demands of being a new mom.” – Jen

  • A 45-minute Virtual session with Jen

“Having virtuals with Jen gave me amazing food recs! I needed a C-section and it was so helpful to hear specific foods to eat for healing. Jen also had great recs for foods to eat throughout all of pregnancy.” – Kim