TCM healing for LGBTQIA+ community

Whether it’s reproductive health or emotional well being, ORA is here to support the LGBTQIA+ community with all of our Traditional Chinese Medicine healing and expertise.


Emotional Health

Stress, anxiety, or overthinking can continuously take a toll on the body. Specifically the Jing-Luo, or otherwise known as the meridian pathways that our Qi and blood depends on every day. It is the healthy movement and abundance of Qi and blood within our meridians that allows us to feel vital, energized, and excited to take on each new day. 


study conducted in 2001 looked at possible root causes of mental disorders affecting the LGBTQIA+ community specifically. Results showed strong evidence that feelings of discrimination can lead to chronic anxiety, depression, and other stress-related health problems. Many of the LGBTQIA+ participants in the study claimed to have suicidal thoughts, victimization, suffered from substance abuse, and also generally felt lack of support. This type of isolation can create long-lasting trauma within the body.

When we allow ourselves to accumulate emotional disharmony over time, our healthy Qi is now stagnated, or stuck within the meridians. This allows those feelings to travel deeper within the body, causing added tension throughout. We know this because of the 12 meridian pathways and their internal external relationships. By the time Qi stagnation has reached the Liver Meridian, we know the pain is deep. 

Because each person’s constitution is so different, chronic Qi stagnation can result in varying disharmonies found within the body.  Acupuncture and cupping helps to resolve the accumulation of stagnant Qi within these meridians, which is a much more holistic approach to managing stress or anxiety in the long term.  Once the body’s meridians are clear, a person often feels less sluggish, well rested, and a feeling of balance. 


Reproductive Health

When it comes to reproductive health, TCM and food therapy can support various sexual health topics, including hormonal imbalance. Many of the disharmonies that might occur for transgender patients, are often due to excess Yang (hormonal treatments) which misbalances the Yin-Yang harmony in the body. 


Hormonal imbalances generally can also lead to heat patterns in the body, which can result in over-sexual activity or even infertility.  While acupuncture can help the body naturally rebalance the Kidney organs, which are most vital to our sexual health, TCM food therapy recommendations would focus on avoiding heat-inducing foods, such as ginger, spicy and greasy foods, garlic, and onion. Chinese Herbal medicine can also balance the organs even further. All modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine offer a multidisciplinary approach to whole body healing. Healing both from within the body and outside of the body. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine is very personalized, we always recommend meeting with a practitioner to understand your TCM patterns for personal guidance on how to create a regimen fit for oneself. You can book a treatment with us to start your journey to self-healing.