Those who nuture: Nicole Berrie – Bonberi

What does being a nurturer mean to you? 

A nurturer means being present & acting from your heart but also retaining and protecting your own energy.

What are your self-care rituals to stay grounded throughout the day? 

Morning meditation, kundalini breath work, moving meditation ie. working out/sweating!

What is the best piece of advice on motherhood you have received?  As soon as you become a mother (from inception) you are no longer in control. 

Becoming comfortable in that knowledge is the most helpful thing that I’ve learned as a former Type A control freak – haha.

What is the one item you thought you would need as a mother but you didn’t? 

A dockatot!

If you could only pass on one wellness ritual to your children, what would it be and why? 

Learning and reveling in the joy of nourishing yourself! Adapting some kind of breath work/meditation that feels good and natural to them.

Which Mother’s Day set speaks to you?