What is Libido?

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How is libido connected to Eastern medicine? Meridians/channels of the body? Energy or chi?

Libido refers to our natural feel-good state, the one that catapults us into remembering who we are and inspires us to live passionately. To feel your libido is to feel the wave that passes through you that reconnects you with your most vibrant alive self. Libido isn’t only sexual health it involves allowing yourself to feel good! To be connected to your creative and personal power. Libido and sexual health have been an integral part of Chinese medicine for centuries.


Chinese medicine is a complete system, it looks at all aspects of life, personal and planetary, for clues that indicate areas of imbalance. In regards to libido, there are two main meridians/organ systems that need to be in balance, the Kidney (fear) and the Heart (joy). Keeping the flow of Qi (energy) moving freely and abundantly through the physical and energetic body is the key to expansive living with a healthy libido.


What is the relationship between libido and overall health? Stress?

When we are in a healthy state our libido is strong. When our bodies are out of balance our libido along with many other aspects of our lives can feel like they are falling a part. Feeling stressed is one of the quickest ways to deplete your immune system and your libido. The intense or low-grade constant emotions that are connected with stress wear down and stagnate the Qi needed for your body to feel vibrant. The feel good inspiration can return and sometimes it is one little thing that allows everything to awaken again! 


How does libido impact men vs women?

Depending on the individual’s balance of Yin and Yang in the body, women and men will experience a decrease in libido differently. Yin Yang theory in Chinese medicine offers us a way of understanding the interrelated and opposing aspects of the universe. We can only understand Yin if we know Yang. The sun is Yang, the Moon is Yin. Yin is cool, Yang is warm. Yin is feminine, Yang is masculine. There is nothing that is all Yang or all Yin. Everything is on a spectrum just like winter turning into spring. This is the beauty of a well formulated herbal prescription from your doctor of Chinese medicine. They look at everything in your life from the foods you eat to the way you sleep and the thoughts you feel and create something unique to you. Yin and Yang must exist in balance for there to be optimal health. 


For example, women who become deficient in Yin will experience heat related symptoms when the cooling, moisturizing, and grounding properties of Yin are absent. We feel hot and irritable, along with vaginal dryness and insomnia. The natural stage of menopause is also a time when Yin naturally declines, fluids decrease, skin lacks its elasticity, and the desire for sexual intimacy may be there but sex may become painful due to loss of Yin. For men, when their Kidney Yang Qi is deficient they will experience a dampened sex drive, erectile dysfunction, low back pain, and cold sensations, and lack motivation. 


What are some natural ways we can boost libido?

There are so many suggestions out there for boosting libido but choosing one that feels good to you can lead you down a path that creates balance. Approaching change with resistance will block the flow of energy. Nothing can heal if Qi is stuck. If one way doesn’t feel good to you, move on, that isn’t the way your body wants to heal. Exercise/dancing, diet, herbs, and mindset all offer opportunities to release and relax. When we are relaxed we are able to receive and awaken. 


Releasing pent up Qi (energy) is key to a balanced body where we can once again connect with our own pleasure, physical and/or emotional. Any form of exercise that creates a feeling of relief and expansion will support you and allow positive feelings to resurface. Try a few stretches where you twist from side to side, it will stimulate the meridians that run through the body to let go of tension. A few jumping jacks, going up and down a flight of stairs, or dancing to your favorite song invigorate the body.


What we choose to think about greatly effects our health. Taking a brief moment throughout the day and choosing to notice beauty in whatever form inspires you transforms energy that will begin to awaken your libido lead you down roads that will.


What we put in and on our body always influences our state of well-being. Libido is supported by a healthy Kidney system. Black foods such as seaweed, black sesame seeds, dates and black beans boost Kidney energy. Kidney Yang foods promote the warmth needed to keep our life force fire burning, examples would be walnuts, beef, mushrooms, and ginger. 


Which herbs are best for increasing libido?

For centuries Chinese herbal medicine has been known for it’s ability to address low libido and sexual health. Longevity and optimal health have long been associated with strong Kidney Qi and a healthy libido. Chinese medicine sees the body as a web, everything is interconnected. Therefore, when you treat the Kidney system to help increase libido you are also boosting everything associated with that system like energy, stamina, immunity, and memory. These are a few empress herbs that are known for their libido boosting power: 

  • Dang Gui (Angelica root), the name means “to return to your original state”. It allows the body and mind to feel supple and receptive. Dang gui’s has long been honored for its nourishing, warming, and invigorating properties, making it ideal for gynecological issue and restless spirits. 
  • Mo Li Hua (Jasmine) is a nocturnal flower, giving off its strongest scent in the midnight air, the most Yin time of day. When we use this sweet medicinal herb our bodies are nourished and uplifted in ways that clear agitation, release bound up Qi, inspire us to forgive, emotionally lift us out of depression and heal our self image. It has been respected for centuries for it’s aphrodisiac qualities. 
  • Bai Yu Lan Ye (Magnolia) has a long history of being cultivated in temple gardens in China. It’s gift of transformation helps us to clear the fog that surrounds our mind and step forward. Her healing offers to you the ability to calm the sharp edge of pain, physically and emotionally, allowing us to feel the support we need to move through with clarity.
  • Yin Yang Hua (Horny Goat Weed) has a well known 2,000 year old reputation for increasing libido with its spicy and sweet nature in both men and women, while also addressing erectile dysfunction in men. By strongly boosting the Kidney system, especially Kidney Yang it helps you to stand up strong and step into action.  


What is the best way to use the Libido oil?

The best way to use Libido Vita is when you think of it! Our bodies know what they need and that thought may be the perfect clue. When these specific herbs are combined in exact ratios they create a unified formula that reconnects our heart with our mind. By placing only 1-2 drops on the tips of your fingers and running them behind the ears down the side of your neck you will open the gateway. Use it anytime and as often as desired. Use promo code ORA for 10% off your order.