Why men need to think about their kidneys, when it comes to health

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While chronic pain and stress are some of the more common reasons for men to seek acupuncture — sexual health, erectile dysfunction (ED), infertility, and premature hair loss are additional concerns that can see incredible results. This is through a combination of various TCM treatments. To understand how this works, let’s first talk about kidney health.

Every 8 years, men enter a new phase of health, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Most of this is governed by the Kidney-Bladder Zang-Fu organ relationship.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine physiology, the kidney represents water, and is connected to the bladder. It also represents hair, hearing, bone/joint health, and sexual function. It’s easy to remember this because we all see how our grandparents have reduced function in these areas as they age. Which is why the kidney is representative of our youth and vitality.

The age-milestones where men may experience a large shift in their physical health looks like this: 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64 +

  • At age 8, and 16, the Kidney Yin is growing, which maintains youth and vitality. Most men are entering puberty at age 16  because of this shift in energy in the kidneys, specifically for the Kidney Essence. This is considered a pre-heaven Jing, or a type of hereditary fluid energy that’s given to us by our parents and is continuously nourished with Food Qi. 
  • Between 24, 32, and 40 years old is when our Kidney Yin is most strong, and the body is most fertile.
  • The peak of Kidney Yin reaches around 48 years old and at this point it slowly starts to decline. By this time, one should naturally experience some hair loss, at 56 years old perhaps some greying of the hairs, and at 64 years old+ bone density reduction and reduced hearing.

Preserving and maintaining Kidney Yin is critical to Men’s Health and wellness. In Chinese culture, with Traditional Chinese Medicine, men can restore hair loss, bone health, and hearing. In the current world, there are many men losing hair and premature greying of hair around 30 years of age or younger. Additionally, fertility clinics are not only filled with women, but men as well. This suggests overworking and stress combined with excess physical activity (this includes sexual activity) is causing an exponential decline in kidney health. 

In TCM physiology, sexual health for both men (and women) are linked to the kidneys. We see sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction (ED) can also be a sign of kidney deficiency. If you have signs of chronic lower back pain, or suffer from dark circles around your eyes, it’s possible there is a need to reboost your Kidney Qi. 

Here at ORA, we use Acupuncture to help reduce stress of the liver — which can also increase protection of the Kidney Yin. To nourish the body overall, we use tonifying treatments. Cupping therapy is also significantly helpful for men due to the ability to help isolate toxins in the body and support overall pain relief and body regeneration.

Men have no ability to relieve toxic blood every month, whereas women can have a monthly menstruation. By offering an alternative solution to toxin relief, cupping can offer a more direct detoxification solution for men’s health and wellness. The cups isolate blood through a suction method, which then de-oxygenate unhealthy or stagnant blood (which usually shows up in chronic pain, or muscle tension.

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