January 22 - 24

Transformative 3 Day Journey

Find balance and harmony as we realign our energy.

Join Us

for a transformative 3 day journey rooted in ancient chinese wisdom

January 22 - 24

This 3 day reset is designed to rebalance and restore Qi, life's vital energy, to prepare for sustained well-being in the new year and beyond. Chinese medicine teaches us to live in harmony with nature, by emphasizing the interconnectedness between our bodies and the environment, recognizing the rhythms of nature as a guide for wellness. Throughout these 3 days, you will discover rituals to incorporate into your daily life that help align your mind, body, & soul. Small changes each day, can lead to lifelong habits.

Experience the power of balancing, resetting, and restoring your Qi for sustained well-being.

January 22

Day 1 is a reminder to recalibrate and find balance through mindful practices. Reset your Qi, realign your energies, and ignite a journey towards inner equilibrium.

Join us at ORA Noho as we kickoff Qi Reset with a centering meditation led by Organically Jamie at 6pm.

January 23

Day two offers an opportunity to cleanse and revitalize your Qi, embracing the power of a reset. Let go of the old, invite the new, and embark on a transformative path, engaging in practices that clear stagnation and prepare for a balanced, rejuvenated self.

Enjoy 15% off the Qi Reset Retail Collection to further enhance your home rituals.

January 24

To close out the reset, we invite you to experience the essence of restoration through a healing sound bath with Julia Jovone at ORA Noho 6pm.

Day 3 we also invite you to enjoy 15% off massage services to nurture your Qi, restore vitality, promote healing, and foster a sense of deep rejuvenation. Use code QiReset15 - Redeemable Jan 24 - 25!

Meet Our Partners

Organically Jamie

Jamie is a world-renowned business consultant and mindset coach known as “The Queen of Shifting”. She blends the mystical with the practical, teaching people how to take their good lives and turn them into great lives. Jamie is best known for her ability to articulate the esoteric in a way that is easily digestible. As a business consultant, she helps clients efficiently and effectively build and run their companies from an inspired and aligned perspective. She masterfully holds space for powerful transformation in all those who work with her, using the subconscious mind and yogic principles to create lasting change.

Driven by her lifelong curiosity of how people become the best possible versions of themselves, Jamie majored in Philosophy and went on to immerse herself in yogic teachings and spirituality. Struggling with anxiety and an eating disorder, she began to embody these teachings and witness her own life transform from challenging to good…until eventually, she was living a life beyond her wildest dreams. Jamie is the author of “Juice It, Blend It, Live It” and the former owner of Gingersnap’s Organic, a raw food restaurant in NYC that focused on spirituality and community building. It was through her work there that she began coaching, and as her work with clients deepened and expanded, she closed her restaurant to focus on what became clear was her life’s calling.

Julia Jovone

Julia is a woman of passionate pursuits. With years of experience as an Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher, Transformational Alchemist, and Emmy Award Winning Intuitive make-up artist, she brings a unique perspective to the practice of healing and offers a full-service approach to wellness. As a Holistic Healer and Spiritual Life Coach, Julia understands the importance of self-care and encourages others to prioritize their own healing journeys. Her studio provides a safe and nurturing space for clients to begin their own transformative holistic experiences towards self-healing.

Julia is more than just an Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher and make-up artist, she believes that healing is a form of art, and that each individual is unique in their own healing process. Her personal mission is to inspire and empower others to take control of their own health and wellness, and discover their higher selves. Whether you're seeking physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, she has the tools and expertise to help you achieve your goals.