A white, cone shaped oil diffuser and a larger cylinder-shaped package reading "CAMPO Diffuser, Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser" against a gray stone background.
The same white, cone shaped diffuser as in the previous photo, now with power on. There are two small oval shaped buttons near the base of the diffuser, with a thin band above them that is lit up.
The same white, cone shaped diffusers as in the previous photos, next to a small essential oil bottle. The bottle is black and reads "ORA by CAMPO".

CAMPO Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser - WHITE Ceramic

Sale price$108.00

Diffuser and cleanse the air naturally. Create space to inspire, motivate, nurture and relax.. This little piece of art streams pure essential oil mist to transform the mood and design of any space.  

Breathe beauty with intention. Choose CAMPO pure essential oils intentionally to diffuse throughout your day to create your own rituals harnessing the power of scent association.  

Preserves essential oil properties with ultrasonic vibrations -  no heating or burning - and it has auto-shutoff and LED light for soft illumination. 100% natural and safe alternative to candles. Perfect for boardrooms to bedrooms to kitchens and kids’ rooms. 

1. Add water to fill line

2. Add 5-15 drops of CAMPO 100% pure essential oil

3. Turn on diffuser & transform the mood