A small black bottle with gold lettering reading "Dr. Janine Mahon" in small print, and "Stress Relief, 1oz/30ml" in slightly larger print. The bottle has a twist-off silicone dropper top.
Three black bottles with gold lettering next to each other. The first bottle reads "Libido Vita", the second "Male Tonic", the third "Stress Relief". These three bottles are the full line of Dr. Janine Mahon products.

Stress Relief by Dr. Janine Mahon

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By relieving the stress experienced by the body we allow our immune system to rebuild and remain in optimal working order. Created by Dr. Janine Mahon, this proprietary blend of Chinese herbs work synergistically to allow the nervous system to calm down and reset while offering anti-depressant herbal support.*

Stress Relief is best used daily or as needed during times of high stress.

Size: 1 oz / 30ml

Bāi Hé (Bulbus Lilii)*, Zhēn Zhū Mū (Concha margarata ferae), Hé Huān Pí (Cortex albiziae), Yù Jīn (Radix curcumae), Shēng Dì Huáng (Radix rehmanniae glutinosae)*, Lóng Yān Ròu (Longan Arillus)*.

Other: 40% grain alcohol