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ORA’s herbal tea elevates your healing journey with unique blends based on Chinese treatment principles. Sit and sip as you take in each tea’s healing and balancing powers for a calming experience in every single cup.

Benefits include:

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Line of Defense

Restore your immune system with this tea created to fight infection and reduce inflammation. This blend clears heat and resolves toxicity, leaving your Yin and Wei chi balanced.
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Calm & Carry On

Calm your system with an anti-inflammatory blend that boosts your circulation to soothe your spirit and alleviate pain throughout the body.
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Back to Center

Recenter your energy with this naturally non-caffeinated chai blend that will ease your tensions, while also alleviating digestive unrest.
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The Best Digest

Enhance your digestion with this special blend designed to correct constipation while optimizing nutrient absorption.
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Find Your Focus

Enhance your body’s focus and energy with this tea’s blend designed to warm your heart’s Yang, encourage chi generation, and boost your metabolism.
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Time of the Month

Elevate your mood with a blend that calms anxiety, alleviates pain, helps depression, and soothes your liver’s chi.
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Cold No More

Open your sinuses and flush out toxins with this antibacterial, antiviral, spicy chili flake blend to ward off your cold and flu symptoms.
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