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ORA’s tonics use special herbal substances that have been revered for thousands of years by Taoist masters. Feel the power of each tonic’s herbs for longevity and vitality and enhance your energy, strength, mental acuity and more.

Benefits include:

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Want a little pick-me-up? Made with adaptogenic herbs, this shot helps the body produce energy instead of borrow from your energy reserves.
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Blessed, Not Stressed

Feeling a little overwhelmed? This stress shot will help you relax and recover. Deeply nourishing, this shot brings a sense of well-being and peace to the body so you can take on your day with less anxiety.
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Sexual Healing

Feel like you could use a little boost? This tonic helps you stay hydrated, supports your libido and maintains your natural beauty.
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Cold Buster

Need an extra line of defense? This shot gives your body extra support against external pathogens so you’re stronger during cold and flu season.
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Looking for a little longevity? Made with Jing herbs, this tonic supports your body’s flexibility, adaptiveness and promotes sleep by restoring deep adrenal energy.
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Down To Detox

Want to balance your digestive system? This tonic shot’s herbs support optimal digestive function and stimulate the body to optimize your detox and help your organs work more dynamically.
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