Since 2020, ORA Space has been a tranquil retreat, upholding and honoring the ancient practice of acupuncture. We offer a spa-like environment that nurtures healing and rejuvenation, while allowing our guests to connect with the deep, restorative powers of this age-old practice, thoughtfully integrated into the rhythm of modern life.

ORA was born from the transformative healing story of our founder, Kimberly Ross, who found healing in acupuncture amidst her journeys with gut and digestive issues, fertility, and the quest for serenity amidst anxiety and stress. In creating ORA, our aim has been to illuminate the genuine power of acupuncture, showcasing its remarkable ability to touch and heal mind, body and spirit. 

Our acupuncture and acupressure massage & facial sessions include holistic healing experiences like breathwork, guided meditations led by Jamie Graber, alongside LED red light therapy, and a personalized restorative tea elixir. This is all set within an environment that beautifully harmonizes with the profound, healing nature of acupuncture, and where tranquility meets therapeutic care. 


What is Acupuncture:

Harnessing the power of precise pressure points to foster healing, acupuncture is an ancient practice of medicine which effectively addresses chronic health conditions, immunity and physical ailments with an elegance and effectiveness complimenting conventional modern interventions.

Acupuncture at ORA:

At ORA Space, we honor the age-old practice of acupuncture while embracing the wellness needs of today. Acknowledging that the thought of acupuncture might seem daunting to some, we pride ourselves in tailoring an experience marked by comfort and tranquility. Our acupuncture uses needles that are exceptionally fine, ensuring a soothing, effective treatment.

Our technique, inspired by ancient wisdom, engages specific points to rejuvenate and heal, targeting various conditions at their roots. The gentle application of these ultra-thin needles unlocks an array of benefits – from easing pain and reducing stress to promoting youthful vitality and strengthening immunity.

Acupuncture at ORA is an ode to the harmony of life force energy, flowing through your body's pathways and meridians. By skillfully placing needles along these meridians, we seek to rebalance your energy, inviting internal peace and alignment.

Each visit at ORA Space is a bespoke experience, attuned to your unique needs and personal wellness journey. Whether you come seeking relief from a chronic condition or looking to address various health or beauty concerns, our services are customized to meet you exactly where you are.

Enhancing each session, LED red light therapy is added on as a complement to your acupuncture sessions, expediting recovery, invigorating the skin, and easing your senses, while our calming breathwork and bespoke guided meditations led by Jamie Graber, amplify your connection between your mind, body and spirit. This mindful approach enriches the acupuncture experience, facilitating holistic full deep healing.


What is Meditation at ORA:

Meditation at ORA Space is a cornerstone of holistic healing, serving as a vital component of our wellness philosophy. Rooted in ancient practices, meditation is the art of centering the mind, cultivating inner peace, and unlocking deeper self-awareness. At ORA, we understand the profound impact that mental tranquility has on physical health. Our guided meditation sessions, led by Jamie Graber, are designed to harmonize your inner self with the healing process of acupuncture. Emphasizing breathwork and mindfulness, our meditation practices help in reducing stress, enhancing emotional health, improving sleep, regulating the nervous system, and fostering a heightened sense of well-being. This integration of meditation into your healing journey at ORA not only amplifies the effects of our treatments but also empowers you to carry the essence of tranquility into your everyday life.


What is Red Light Therapy at ORA:

Red Light Therapy is an innovative and non-invasive treatment that plays a crucial role in the holistic healing experience at ORA Space. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, this therapy emits specific wavelengths of red and near-infrared light to penetrate deep into the skin and tissues. The light stimulates cellular repair and increases circulation, promoting faster healing and rejuvenation. At ORA, we integrate red light therapy with our acupuncture and facials to enhance your body's natural healing abilities. This synergistic approach aids in reducing inflammation, alleviating pain, improving skin health, and accelerating recovery. By combining the ancient wisdom of acupuncture with the modern science of red light therapy, we provide a comprehensive and deeply restorative experience, ensuring that every aspect of your health and wellness is addressed and optimized.


Our New Red Light Therapy Meditation:

In addition to red light therapy during one of our signature acupuncture or facial treatments, ORA Space proudly introduces our latest innovation in personalized wellness: Our self-guided red light therapy treatment, including meditation, and ear seeding. This unique offering is designed for those who seek a serene, introspective healing experience at their own pace. Nestled in the privacy of your own treatment room, embark on a journey of self-discovery and relaxation, on your own time.


Our new Moxa Facial:

The Moxa Facial at ORA Space is a transformative treatment designed to revitalize and rejuvenate by integrating traditional practices with modern skincare techniques to not only enhance the skin's appearance but also to help promote overall well-being through the stimulation of specific energy pathways.

With the help of heat, this facial tightens, brightens, lifts, and sculpts the skin, while addressing signs of hormonal imbalances that manifest on the skin's surface. By opening up the body's channels with moxibustion, this treatment reduces tension, smoothes lines, and enhances the skin's absorption of products, resulting in a noticeably refreshed appearance.

This facial stimulates five key meridians on the face—Stomach, Gallbladder, Ren, Du, Bladder—which are linked to immunity, digestion, fertility, energy levels, and stress management. This means the benefits extend beyond skin improvement to holistic healing.

Our Space

When you step into ORA Space, you are immediately greeted by serenity, healing and calm. Our space, infused with natural elements, reflects the harmonious essence of nature itself. In your private treatment room, indulge in the comfort of heated beds and luxury linens, carefully crafted for your relaxation. Conclude your journey in our Tea Lounge, where a bespoke herbal teas awaits.

Tea Lounge

The ORA Tea Lounge is your gateway to a world of rejuvenation. Here, the art of blending ancient rituals and therapeutic herbs is mastered to perfection, creating elixirs that elevate your path to healing. Whether you are reflecting post-treatment or just embarking on your ORA journey, our teas serve as a harmonious compliment to your unique ORA experience.


Our Services

At ORA, our array of services is a tapestry of beauty and wellness, woven by skilled acupuncturists who marry age-old techniques with contemporary approaches. Tailored to your individual journey of well-being, our treatments span from addressing specific health concerns to enhancing your beauty rituals. We offer a spectrum of therapeutic focuses: from pain relief and anti-aging solutions to support in sexual health and fertility, from digestive balance to mental and emotional well-being, boosting immunity, and optimizing overall wellness.