Our Services

We truly believe everyone deserves to feel better. At ORA, our licensed acupuncturists create customized treatments based on centuries of learning and traditional Chinese medicine. Our goal is to offer reliable care in a meditative and healing space.

ORA Membership

  • Two Essential sessions
  • 15% off additional treatments + retail
  • Complimentary tea or tonic per visit
  • No annual commitment

Treatment Focuses


We treat both acute and chronic pain by stimulating chi through the body’s energy channels to decrease inflammation and increase blood flow.

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Sexual Health

We’re here to aid your sexual health, too. Acupuncture can cater to men and women’s needs by tapping into specific areas that affect fertility, libido, menstrual cramps, hormones and more.

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We’ll treat your digestive system from the inside out by focusing on helping your body decrease bloating, increase peristalsis, and regulate digestion.

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When you need an overall immunity boost, we’re here for you. Acupuncture can help strengthen your defenses to prevent the symptoms of allergies, cold, or flu for year-round wellness.

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Mental & Emotional Health

A little balance goes a long way to help you heal. We use a combination of acupuncture and herbal therapy to help you relax, re-energize and leave rejuvenated.

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Regular visits can help the body’s overall wellness by increasing blood flow throughout its energy channels for better day-to-day physical and mental performance.

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What to Expect

At ORA, we take a holistic approach to the body and wellness that starts from the moment you walk through the door. Begin your journey in our calm, relaxing space and then make your way to your private treatment room where you can get comfortable and talk to your private acupuncturist before they begin. Then it’s on to your session where we’ll focus on balancing your chi. After we carefully insert 12-25 needles at specific points in your body, we’ll allow 25 minutes for your system to balance out its energy. Post-treatment, our acupuncturist can recommend a tea or tonic at our tea bar to support your healing process.Each person benefits from acupuncture differently–some may see results as soon as one session while others may require a longer treatment plan.