Frequently Asked Questions


Not at all. Each needle is as thin as a hair. While some points can be sensitive, most people feel very little discomfort. To ease your mind, your practitioner will be on call so you can always communicate if you feel uncomfortable at any time. 

We work to make sure your session is as relaxing as can be. After check in, we’ll escort you to a private room where you can change and get comfortable. If you’re new, we’ll give you a complete consultation to figure out your goals and how Chinese medicine can help. We’ll then begin inserting the acupuncture needles, which takes about 5-10 minutes. We’ll leave the needles in for 20-30 minutes for the duration of your treatment. With each session, an acupuncturist will keep you updated on your progress.

We know you’re always on the go, so we provide a comfy layer to wear during treatment so you don’t have to bring a thing. Our soft fabrics will drape you so you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout your entire treatment. If you prefer your own clothing, we recommend wearing a loose shirt and pants.

From depression to musculoskeletal issues, acupuncture is here to treat a variety of conditions. Chat with one of our ORA professionals to learn if acupuncture can offer you the type of healing you need.

Everyone’s condition is unique, so you may feel results ranging from one to several sessions. We’ll assess your condition each session so you can understand your treatment journey.

The more often you come, the more benefits you’ll feel. Because each person is different, our acupuncturist can advise you on your specific needs.

ORA’s acupuncture treats the whole body with a holistic medical approach, addressing multiple concerns in each appointment. Choose up to two focuses in our regular session and one specific concern in our express session.

Because acupuncture relaxes your muscles into a meditative state, some people prefer not to exercise immediately after. You shouldn’t experience any side effects. Some people might see minor bruising at the area of insertion, but this is normal.

Acupuncture treats your entire system. You don’t need a specific problem–our acupuncturist will explain how acupuncture can help your body holistically for optimal health.

Products: Your unopened product purchases are eligible for an exchange or store credit within 30 days of purchase. Store credit may be applied to products and services. In-house and take-away Teas and Tonics are non-refundable.

Service: Services are non-refundable, however we would like you to be 100% satisfied and can work with you and your service provider to get you there.

We understand that sometimes time gets the best of us and changes in our schedule happen. To maximize your time with your acupuncturist, we recommend arriving 10 minutes early to your scheduled appointment, however we do give you a 5 minute grace period to check in, without penalty.

Running Late: Depending on what the focus of your session is, if you are more than 5 minutes late your acupuncturist may recommend rescheduling to maximize your treatment time. Arrivals 10 minutes or more after your appointment time, unfortunately, can’t be accommodated. You can reschedule your appointment within 7 days without penalty.

No Show: No show appointments will be charged the full service fee.

Need to Cancel: Appointments cancelled or rescheduled prior to 24 hours of the scheduled time may be done so without penalty. Appointments cancelled within 24 hours of their scheduled time will have a penalty of the full cost of the service. Appointments scheduled less than 24 hours in advance cannot be cancelled.

Facial Acupuncture

The ORA Acupuncture Facial begins with a custom consultation to learn about your unique skin goals and concerns. Our in-house acupuncturist will then perform a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) technique called Face Mapping. Face Mapping is a method that is used to diagnose the root cause behind facial conditions that are present on the face, such as dark circles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and more.

After the in-depth consultation, the treatment includes customized body acupuncture, a deep cleanse with top-of-the line skincare products, lymphatic drainage using either gua sha or facial cupping, a lifting and toning microcurrent treatment, facial acupuncture and LED light treatment, a relaxing lower body massage to promote systemic circulation and ending with a sculpting facial massage. 

The ORA Acupuncture facial works by stimulating collagen production by creating microtraumas to the skin with needles, activating the skin’s natural healing response. Meanwhile, the body points are working simultaneously to create internal balance, leaving the complexion nourished, vibrant, and more youthful in appearance. 

Facial Acupuncture originated from Traditional Chinese Medicine, originally used to help patients recovering from a stroke or Bell’s Palsy, or to treat those suffering from internal imbalances that showed on the skin. Acupuncturists successfully treated the muscles on the face that were drooping or weakened, resulting in a more symmetrical and firmer appearance of the skin. Over time, acupuncturists began to offer Facial Acupuncture as a cosmetic treatment knowing that it would also offer a variety of benefits from balancing internal systems.

The ORA Acupuncture Facial is a great option for anyone – men and women – who are looking to feel (and look) better. This is a compliment to other cosmetic procedures, such as botox and fillers. People often find that it can be a natural alternative, in addition to decreasing the frequency needed. 

You should avoid the ORA Acupuncture Facial if you are pregnant, suffer from bleeding disorders, excessive propensity to bruising, uncontrolled high blood pressure, migraines, diabetes, serious health issues, such as: cancer, immunocompromised illnesses, ulcerated skin, seizures and epilepsy, and dizziness. 

Yes. You can get the Acupuncture Facial three weeks after receiving Botox or 4 weeks after fillers. Just be sure to tell your acupuncturist where you received your injections.

Yes. This treatment is safe for all ages, and recommended for anyone above age 21. 

  • For guests with Botox or fillers, this treatment is often found to be complementary. We just ask that you wait at least 3 weeks for botox and 4 weeks for fillers from your last procedure to book our ORA Acupuncture Facial
  • For guests with facial cosmetic surgery, this treatment helps to decrease inflammation. Please consult your medical doctor for prior clearance. 
  • For guests with orthodontic / orthopedic appliances, please work with your Acupuncturist to decide if this treatment is right for you. There may be slight discomfort during the microcurrent portion of the treatment, but this can be adjusted accordingly.
  • For people using a prescription-grade topical, such as Adapalene or Retinol, let your Acupuncturist know before you begin your treatment. 

For starters we are using the healing power of acupuncture to address the root cause of skin imbalances, not just the surface of the skin. However, unlike a traditional facial, there is no steam, exfoliation or extractions in the treatment. If your acupuncturist feels you would benefit from these traditional methods, they would recommend a highly referred esthetician.

The ORA Acupuncture Facial can be used to soften common signs of aging like fine lines, deeper expression lines, and loss of density in the skin. It can also treat acne, rosacea, the effects of stress, hormonal imbalances, TMJ, and hyperpigmentation, to name a few.

After any acupuncture treatment, we recommend that you take it easy with a low stress, low activity day. You should hydrate and have a substantial, healthy meal without overindulging. If any bruising on the face occurs, use arnica. If any redness persists, apply a cool compress. Do not use strong facial products, such as AHA/BHA or Vitamin C serums within the first 24 hours. We recommend avoiding alcohol for 24 hours post-treatment.

Depending on your skin concerns your acupuncturist will recommend a treatment plan customized for you. In general, to see lasting, dramatic results that build upon each session, it is recommended to have a weekly treatment for 6-10 weeks. After completing your treatment plan, maintenance treatments can be done periodically as needed to maintain your youthful glow. Even in just one session, the ORA Acupuncture Facial gives immediate lifting, anti-inflammatory and brightening results, for a youthful glow. Which is perfect before a big event! There are no major side effects other than possible lightheadedness or bruising that subsides.

The ORA acupuncture facial is designed to be a customized, relaxing experience to get your skin clear, youthful and glowing. The maintenance treatment is a targeted treatment, focusing on facial needling and LED light therapy to address certain skin concerns or to maintain results after completing a full treatment plan. The ORA Acupuncture Facial is required before a Maintenance Treatment because the customized nature of the treatment allows your acupuncturist to analyze your skin concerns and give the best recommended treatment plan. Depending on the skin concern, there may be an instance when your acupuncturist recommends introducing the maintenance treatment early in your plan, as it may be more beneficial (and cost effective).

Acupressure Massage

Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine needles into specific points throughout the body to balance the flow of energy which stimulates the body’s natural capability to heal itself. Acupressure uses pressure applied with the thumb, fingers or parts of the hand to massage different points on the body and offers the unique physiological benefits of touch, without using needles.

Applying pressure to these points stimulates the nervous system and brain. Acupressure also causes a boost in beta endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin, and adenosine, all the feel good hormones, which help lower your blood pressure and trigger positive feelings.

To treat anxiety and stress, we focus on calming points. Using slow, rhythmic strokes helps to engage the parasympathetic nervous system and bring about deep relaxation in body and mind. Chinese medicine focuses on balance and movement of life energy, or Qi, throughout the body. Cortisol levels rise in the body when a person is anxious or under extreme stress. Acupressure can help regulate the nervous system and dissipate stress and encourage a sense of mental clarity and improved well-being. 

All of those performing the service will be NYS Licensed Massage Therapists. 

Yes, this massage does incorporate the use of body oil as massage lubricant. You can choose from 3 different oils in the beginning of your session. If you have any skin or scent sensitivities, please tell your massage therapist and/or acupuncturist. Unscented, hypoallergenic options are available as well. 

The 50 minute massage is a stand alone service where you can book only the massage. We also offer a 25 minute full body abbreviated massage that you may add-on after a Chi'll or Essential acupuncture treatment.

This massage was developed by our Chief of Acupuncture, Gabriel Sher, and Manual Therapist and Massage Educator, Tania Velásquez as a contemporary massage inspired by eastern modalities that incorporates the breath and manual bodywork techniques with an emphasis on acupressure points and science-based applications that promote relaxation and facilitate overall wellness. 

This treatment is good for anyone who is looking to de-stress and feel relaxed.* The massage is also perfect for those who may be hesitant to try needles, but want to understand more about TCM and the benefits of acupressure. 

*If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, please let your acupuncturist know and we can modify the treatment accordingly. 

 At ORA, we provide a customized treatment plan. With the addition of massage, speak with one of our massage therapists, to determine what is the best treatment plan for you. 


In TCM, blockages in channels cause disease. Cupping restores the natural flow of qi and blood and is great for tight muscles, congestion in the lungs, Gi disorders, helping to improve blood flow and activates the lymphatic system to drain toxins. For pain cupping moves energy, Qi and blood to the injured area. Cupping can create a micro trauma to the skin which gives the message to your body to increase circulation to help heal that area.

The discoloration of the skin is called petechiae. The cups cause a breaking of the skin's capillaries. The deepness of the discoloration reflects the level of stagnation of blood, qi, and toxin buildup in the body. The marks are pain free (unlike a traditional bruise) and usually dissipate in a few days. 

Stationary cupping helps to increase the blood flow and clear out stagnation in one area. Dynamic cupping stretches muscles and increases blood and qi flow in the affected meridian or area of pain. 

If you are pregnant, have very sensitive skin, bleed easily, or are on blood thinners, you should not receive cupping. Caution or a shorter protocol should be used when cupping people with chronic fatigue or other debilitating pathologies and anemia.

Teas & Tonics

Tonics: Particular cautions for pregnancy:

Tonic herbs are generally considered safe and the amounts used in each tonic shot are typically small dosages; however, in order to maintain a conservative approach for pregnant women, particularly in the first trimester, the following ingredients should be avoided and replaced with Reishi and/or Chaga:

  • Deer Antler Essence (Pick Me Up)
  • Supreme Shen (Blessed Not Stressed)
  • Yin Replenisher (Blessed Not Stressed, Sexual Healing)
  • Shanghai Lady (Sexual Healing )
  • Dew Drops (Down to Detox)

For nursing mothers, it would be best to avoid Deer Antler Essence and Shanghai Lady (contains Deer Antler). Again, Reishi is highly recommended for both nursing and pregnant women.

Ora tea blends are generally safe for pregnant and nursing women; however, pregnant women trying to avoid Caffeine should avoid tea blends with Puehr, which is in The Best Digest blend.

Used by Taoist masters for thousands of years, tonics are very special herbal substances that balance and tone the body.

Each drink at our tea bar offers more than just a few herbs in a cup. Our recipes are created by a top herbalist with more than 20 years of experience working with the most well-known raw food chefs, Jingmasters, and herbalists in the health industry. Tonics enhance energy, physical strength, sexual vitality, mental acuity, wisdom and more to boost overall wellness. We recommend consuming teas and tonics regularly to strengthen immunity and reduce inflammation. Just take a seat, enjoy a sip, and feel the powers of ancient Chinese medicine.

Tonics are one of the most effective and economical ways to consume herbal remedies. Our delicious tonics help you ingest these herbs without any excipients so you absorb them faster and get the most out of them compared to more commonly consumed foods or nutrients. They’re designed to complement your body’s immune system to help you become less susceptible to getting sick. The more you use them, the more the effects tend to increase, giving your body cumulative long-term benefits and preventative health.

It’s a sip that keeps on giving.

Note: When taken as directed, you won’t experience any side effects.

Formulated by acupuncturists, ORA’s teas are unique blends of western & Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs made to elevate your healing journey. ORA’s teas empower anyone to take healing in their own hands.  

  • Made from sustainably sourced and all natural ingredients
  • Made with organic ingredients
  • Delicious blends with familiar western flavor
  • Gluten free

We recommend first consuming tonics on an empty stomach so they can be most effectively absorbed. Adding a warm tea afterward will boost your body’s absorption. So drink and enjoy the benefits coming your way.    

1 x a week is recommended. If there is an  injury, getting cupping 2 times a week can be very helpful. 


We do not accept Insurance, however you may receive reimbursement through your health insurance provider by submitting a SuperBill. If your coverage allows, you will receive similar reimbursement that you receive from an out-of-network provider.

SuperBills include medical coding to inform your insurance provider of the treatment you received, the reason for the treatment, and the total cost that you paid. We are happy to provide SuperBills at no additional cost and can be requested up to 10 months after your appointment date. SuperBills are self submitted by you through your online insurance portal. Reimbursement is determined by your health insurance coverage.

Yes! We accept HSA and FSA cards. You may also use these payment methods to purchase packages or your ORA Membership.