What is Acupuncture:

Harnessing the power of precise pressure points to foster healing, acupuncture is an ancient practice of medicine which effectively addresses chronic health conditions, immunity and physical ailments with an elegance and effectiveness complimenting conventional modern interventions.

Acupuncture at ORA:

At ORA Space, we honor the age-old practice of acupuncture while embracing the wellness needs of today. Acknowledging that the thought of acupuncture might seem daunting to some, we pride ourselves in tailoring an experience marked by comfort and tranquility. Our acupuncture uses needles that are exceptionally fine, ensuring a soothing, effective treatment.


Our technique, inspired by ancient wisdom, engages specific points to rejuvenate and heal, targeting various conditions at their roots. The gentle application of these ultra-thin needles unlocks an array of benefits – from easing pain and reducing stress to promoting youthful vitality and strengthening immunity.


Acupuncture at ORA is an ode to the harmony of life force energy, flowing through your body's pathways and meridians. By skillfully placing needles along these meridians, we seek to rebalance your energy, inviting internal peace and alignment.


Each visit at ORA Space is a bespoke experience, attuned to your unique needs and personal wellness journey. Whether you come seeking relief from a chronic condition or looking to address various health or beauty concerns, our services are customized to meet you exactly where you are.


Enhancing each session, LED red light therapy is added on as a complement to your acupuncture sessions, expediting recovery, invigorating the skin, and easing your senses, while our calming breathwork and bespoke guided meditations led by Jamie Graber, amplify your connection between your mind, body and spirit. This mindful approach enriches the acupuncture experience, facilitating holistic full deep healing.