Late Summer Reset

ORA’s Late Summer Reset is a 3-day journey designed to help you ease into the important transition from summer to fall. In Chinese medicine theory, Late Summer is the fifth season and corresponds to the Spleen-Stomach organ systems and the Earth element. This is a time to ground and nourish the mind, body, and spirit through rituals that support digestive and immune health.

As nature moves through its seasons, we use ancient wisdom to better prepare for these seasonal changes. The more we can find balance through these shifts, the more we live in sync with nature and with ourselves.

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Late Summer Reset Events 

Day 1 – Ground  
Receive complimentary ear seeds all day at ORA Noho and UES.

Join us for a Qi Gong class led by ORA’s acupuncturist and certified Qi Gong instructor Robert Branch, L.Ac.


Day 2 – Nourish 

Stop by ORA Noho and UES for a Late Summer Reset treat. 

Day 3 – Support

Come in for Tea + Tonic tasting combination to build immunity support.

Enter to win a collection of

ORA's Herbal Teas

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