Summer Facial Series

The ultimate summer skincare experience


This exclusive series features two transformative treatments, each designed to rejuvenate and revitalize your complexion. The highlight of both treatments are the renowned OMAD masks, meticulously crafted from Chinese herbs, providing unparalleled benefits for a radiant and refreshed appearance.

Cool and Repair

Soothe and revitalize your skin with our 50-minute facial, expertly designed to combat the harsh effects of summer. Begin with a gentle cleansing ritual, followed by the application of the cooling OMAD Mask, enriched with restorative mushroom extracts to repair the skin's barrier and provide deep hydration. The mask is applied by a cooling roller to alleviate redness and inflammation, while LED therapy accelerates skin healing, diminishes signs of aging, and promotes a balanced complexion. Perfect for recovery after a sun-soaked weekend or whenever your skin needs a refresh and serene glow.

Lift and Sculpt

Elevate your summer glow with this 50-minute facial designed to lift and sculpt your face. Begin with a thorough cleansing series, followed by a lymphatic drainage massage with Gua Sha to promote circulation and reduce puffiness. From there, you will experience the transformative effects of the OMAD Instant Firm and Lift Mask, infused with fermented ingredients and peptides. Combined with Microcurrent therapy, this facial reduces inflammation, increases skin elasticity, and tones and firms your skin and complexion simultaneously. Ideal for special events or occasions, this facial ensures you look radiant and rejuvenated.