Sexual Health and Fertility

We’re here to help aid your sexual health. Acupuncture can cater to men and women’s needs by tapping into specific areas that affect fertility, libido, menstrual cramps, hormones and more.

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Honoring the Body through Menopause

In collaboration with Erika Bloom WellnessWritten by Becca Wagner, Erika Bloom Wellness and Macy Morris, ORA Menopause is a significant milestone and natural transition in life that affects our min...

Balancing Yin and Yang for Longevity: The Role of Acupuncture in Men's Health

In today's fast-paced world, maintaining good health and longevity has become a top priority for both men and women. Men often face unique challenges as they age, including hormonal changes, increa...

Endometriosis and How Acupuncture Can Help

Women’s health issues can, too often, remain undetected or mistakenly diagnosed.  One of these issues, which affects an estimated five to seven million American women, is endometriosis.  If you hav...

Navigating Menopause with traditional Chinese medicine

by Venessa Lee, L.Ac, DACM, NCCAOM Dpl. As much as you dread getting your period, there’s probably something you dread even more: no longer getting it.  Menopause is a taboo topic, often seen as a ...

Acupuncture for Infertility

Infertility is a condition that, unfortunately, impacts both women and men who are trying to conceive.  While starting a family should be an exciting time, infertility – defined as being unable to ...

How does the seasonal change impact libido?

Libido refers to our natural feel-good state, the one that catapults us into remembering who we are and inspires us to live passionately. To feel your libido is to feel the wave that passes throug...