Advanced Acupressure Kit
Advanced Acupressure Kit

Advanced Acupressure Kit

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Material:Crystal Edition

Transform your mood, boost your defenses, and soothe your body, on your own with the power of acupressure.

The ORA acupressure ear seeds and body magnets give you everything you need to stay balanced at home or on the go.

Acupressure involves using concentrated pressure held at specific points on the body. Explore healing modalities at home to help with pain, insomnia, and the stress of everyday life.

Choose between Crystal or Gold ear seeds, each provide the same results. 

Kit Includes:

  • 20 swarovski crystal ear seeds 
  • 20 gold ear seeds 
  • 1 ORA tweezer 
  • 6 magnets 
  • Informational guide explaining how to apply ear seeds + body magnets