A small black bottle with gold lettering reading "Dr. Janine Mahon" in small print, and "Libido Vita, .70z/20ML" in slightly larger print. The bottle has a twist-off silicone dropper top.
Three black bottles with gold lettering next to each other. The first bottle reads "Libido Vita", the second "Male Tonic", the third "Stress Relief". These three bottles are the full line of Dr. Janine Mahon products.

Libido Vita by Dr. Janine Mahon

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Formulated by Dr. Janine Mahon, Libido Vita brings together ancient Chinese medicinal herbs that when alchemically combined awaken the heart, activate the libido, and encourage a powerful sense of wellbeing.

Apply 2-3 drops when desired behind the ears, rubbing down the sides of the neck.

The acupuncture points in this area of the body are secret gateways to heal the physical and emotional body.

Keep out of direct sunlight for optimal potency.