On the left, a small spray bottle. The label on the bottle has a drawing of trees and a sunny sky, and reads "Host Defense Mushrooms, Myco Shield Spray, Traveler's Size, Immune Support Peppermint, Gluten Free Dietary Supplement, 1fl oz, 30ml". It has a USDA organic certification label. On the right, the box for the product. It has the same background drawing, plus illustrations of mushrooms. It has the same text as the bottle, plus white text reading "Made with U.S. grown, double extracted organic mushroom

Myco Shield Immune Support Spray

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Myco Shield Liquid extracts provide rapid absorption and are great for those seeking immunity support. 

This refreshing spray combines five powerful polypore mushroom spices, which contribute their unique properties to create a special blend that will help support the immune system for travelers on the go.