Yina Bian Stone Gua Sha Sale

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Release stagnation and smooth fascia with a Bian Stone Gua Sha ritual. This massage tool is inspired by the ancient practice of Chinese medicine to activate circulation and invigorate energy.

The unique shape of the gua sha stone has been intentionally sculpted to be used on the face and body. The ridges guide and help with releasing fascia adhesions while being easy to hold onto. The stone itself is the perfect weight to move the lymph without added pressure to the skin. As the stone touches the skin, the mineral content of the brain is activated, and the products applied reach deeper penetration for optimal results.

ENERGETICS: Purifies and draws out negative energy. It invigorates, stimulates elemental energy, and enhances mental focus.

INGREDIENTS: Authentic & natural Bian stone from Shandong.

Made at a facility with medical certification.