Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for Immunity

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine are all about bringing balance between our physical body and emotions (yin and yang). When we are in balance our immune system can fend off illness. We can bring balance to ourselves by eating well, exercising, and feeling good. When we are out of balance, we are more susceptible to disease.

Wei qi is the Chinese medicinal term for the protective layer of energy on the skin. It protects the body from external pathogens and regulates the body temperature. Keeping the Wei qi strong will keep you safe from external pathogens like the cold and flu.

Warm Meals are Best Meals

You’ve heard us say this before. Warm, cooked meals are best for the digestive system. Raw foods are hard on the body because the digestive system must work harder to process the foods. When we eat raw or cold foods, we are dousing the internal fire that allows us to digest and ward off germs. Warming foods like ginger, turmeric, garlic, are great for boosting immunity.

DIY Acupuncture

Full, individualized acupuncture treatments from a licensed acupuncturist will boost your immune system. Luckily, there are pressure points you can stimulate at home between your treatments (and during quarantine!) to keep the chi flowing. Press the following points for 5-10 minutes.



This point is a great energizing point and used for anything to do with the digestive system. It’s located on the outside of your leg, four fingers beneath the hole at the bottom of your kneecap, and one thumb’s width from the shin bone. You might feel a divot that your finger will slide into.

Acu-pount stomach 36


This point is great for when you are feeling feverish or sore throat. It’s located at the end of the crease when you bend your elbow. If you cross your arms you can stimulate both points at the same time.

Large intestine acupoint is good to activate if you are feeling feverish or have a cold


You know we love herbs here at ORA. Looking for an explanation of what herbs really are? See our post here.

Yu Ping Feng San

A common Chinese herbal formula that is good to support the Wei qi is Yu Ping Feng San. The name translates to Wind Jade Screen Pill. This formula acts as a protective barrier for your immunity while providing an extra boost to keep you healthy. It’s best to take it when you’re NOT sick and want to continue to build your immunity.

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Mental Health and Immunity

In Chinese Medicine, there is no separation between the physical and emotional causes of disease. Stress can show up on our bodies in a myriad of symptoms, from fatigue to body tightness. Regular acupuncture treatments are an important part of regulating stress levels, it activates the ‘rest and digest’ functions in our bodies. Other ways to keep our mental and physical health in alignment include Qi Gong, meditation, breathing exercises, and more. We can always help guide you through these during on of our virtual sessions- see what one’s like here.

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