Those who nuture: Veladya Chapman – Earth Mama Medicine

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What does being a nurturer mean to you? 

A nurturer is someone who stewards. Someone who does not seek to change, alter or destroy that with which they nurture. They care for it with unconditional love. 


What are your self-care rituals to stay grounded throughout the day? 

Meditation and daily walks. If I do not make time to meditate twice a day, I find that I usually have a more unbalanced day or night. 

I also have begun taking daily walks every morning and they have truly served me well. Walking serves my body physically of course but I did not anticipate how soothing it would be for the mind as well. 


What is the best piece of advice on motherhood you have received? 

Take it day by day and do not compare yourself to other mothers. Do the best you can and know that all your baby really “needs” is your love and presence.


What is the one item you thought you would need as a mother but you didn’t? 

I thought I would need a breast pump to pump so that my partner can also feed the baby. Everyone told me that I would want him to be able to feed her too but it never felt like something I’d be interested in. I am blessed enough to be able to breastfeed on demand and enjoy it so we did not end up needing it. Additionally, the thought of cleaning the pump and preparing bottles became a task that did not sound ideal for my family and I; so we went ahead and donated it to someone who would put it to use!


If you could only pass on one wellness ritual to your children, what would it be and why? 

Definitely mediation. Meditation should be as crucial as brushing our teeth. The mind begins to run on autopilot when we do not train it and ourselves to shut it down when needed. This is essential to living a happy life. We are not our minds, we use our minds. 


Which Mother’s Day set speaks to you? 

The Sip set! Drinking tea is an act of self-love and presence practice for me. How many times have I made a cup of tea only to forget about it or return to it when it’s gotten cold?! When given the allotted time, I can practice presence and relaxation with tea which is exactly what I will do with this set. Thank you, ORA <3